Thursday, 28 November 2013

First to Fight - TKS with 20mm cannon

Let me start with a quite recent release - a 1/72 scale model of the Polish TKS tankette armed with a 20mm cannon (or, as it was called in the 1930s, "heaviest machine gun"). This is the first set out of a series called "Wrzesień 1939" (September 1939) which, as the name suggests, centres on the German invasion of Poland (the later Soviet invasion is to be covered later) and consists of both vehicles and soldiers. In addition to the minis, a ruleset is to be released, though I don't know if it will be available in English or any other language other than Polish.

A short introduction

Hello, readers!
For more than 4 years me and my friends have been running, a Polish website about miniature wargames and boardgames (you can see a banner to the right). Lately, I thought to myself: "I write about so many interesting Polish wargaming products, why only do this in Polish? Surely there are people in other countries who might be interested in all this stuff."
So I decided to start this blog.
Why not make my website bilingual? Because I always wanted it to be aimed at Polish readers, to show them that there are lots of great miniatures and games, Polish and foreign, apart from the several most popular lines. On the other hand, this blog will be dedicated mostly to products from Poland.
Of course there's alway a chance I'll publish something more "bloggy", like pics of my current modelling project or whatnot. We'll see.

And now for the Polish readers that might stumble onto this blog:
Od razu zaznaczam, że blog ten będzie prowadzony w większości w języku angielskim. Zapewne wszystko, co się na nim pojawi, będzie można przeczytać po polsku na The Node, zapraszam więc do klikania w banner po prawej.

That's it for today, now I need to go and prepare something more interesting.