Friday, 27 December 2013

Post-apo Guy by Just Some Miniatures

Hello, everybody! Today we'll take a look at one of the first two minis by Foliescu, an amateur sculptor who recently started to sell his sculpts under the name Just Some Miniatures.

The mini represents an older man in warm clothing and with a bag on his back... And I swear it's a coincidence I'm reviewing him just after Christmas. Though I doubt that his bag is full of presents. It rather contains all his belongings, necessary to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

First to Fight - C2P

Yeah, so I've been busy the whole last week and had no time nor energy to write anything... Sorry for that. Today's post isn't very inventive either - another guest review of a model from "September 1939". It seems we have succeeded in gathering a group of people ready to review the whole series. However, with different reviewers we get different texts - this one is a bit short.
But let me start with a short historical intro. The C2P was a light artillery tractor built on an improved chassis of the TKS tankette. It was used to tow 40mm Bofors AA cannons and could carry 4 people.
The same chassis was later used to build 2 prototypes of TKS-D, a light tank destroyer equipped with the 37mm Bofors AT cannon (standard anti-tank cannon of the Polish Army in the 1930s).

Friday, 6 December 2013

First to Fight - Panzer I Ausf. A

Time for the first guest review! I was thinking about reviewing the whole "Wrzesień 1939" series, but as it's made of 79 models and I'm not interested in all of them (and, frankly, I've got enough unfinished projects...), I though of asking some of my friends for help. So the second model was reviewed by a co-administrator of The Node, Danny, and this post is my extract/translation of his review.

Thinking about buying the Panzer I, I had mixed feelings after the TKS. Its parts broke in several places and building it with its details was irritating, though the final effect was very charming.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Oddział Ósmy - AP Team

Oddział Ósmy (Unit Eight) is a small company from Łódź which makes 3mm WW2 and modern minis (and they have just released their first 3mm sci-fi vehicles) as well as 15mm sci-fi minis. Today I'm going to review one set from this last line. It's called the AP Team and it's quite an unusual set, as it represents sci-fi versions of people involved in the making of the PMC 2640 game... including me. It's kinda strange to review a miniature version of myself, but I'll try to be fair nonetheless.